Festival Finale: The Realms of Yggdrasil

Prepare for our Festival finale as we journey through the realms of Yggdrasil! The world tree is a giant ash supporting the universe in Norse mythology. It connects the nine worlds, including Valhalla (home to Odin and heroes of the battlefield), Niflheim (the cold and dark land of the dead, ruled by the goddess Hel), Asgard (the realm of the gods) and even Jötunheimr (the mountainous frozen land of ice giants). In this story-telling spectacular, listen to familiar tales of these Viking realms connected by Yggdrasil Рa great end to your Norse-filled week at JORVIK Viking Festival.

The event is finished.


Feb 17 2024


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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JORVIK Viking Festival


Eye of York
Tower St, York YO1 9SA