We highly value the integral role played by our Members in our overall success. As outlined in our constitution, Members are instrumental in selecting board members, auditors, reviewing the organisation’s financial statements, and providing invaluable feedback to assist us to achieve our Mission.

Membership brings the opportunity to support the work of York Archaeology and help it to secure its mission. This mission is above all about promoting and developing the public benefit of archaeology – archaeology for everyone – through linking archaeological discovery, research and interpretation to education and display, and through enabling public participation at all stages of this process. We are keen to welcome new Members who can add their support to taking forward this mission.

Members carry out their formal role (as detailed above) at an Annual General Meeting, usually held in York in September. As well as this formal role, being a Member may include explaining York Archaeology’s work to others; acting as an advocate for the organisation; drawing on contacts and networks to aid its work; providing advice as requested; and (if wished) providing financial support.

There is currently no membership fee, although Members may occasionally contribute to the cost of attending optional events. The members appoint new members based on the recommendations from the Membership Committee at the AGM.

York Archaeology has drawn up a Charter setting out the respective responsibilities of the organisation and its Members:

Membership Charter

York Archaeology’s responsibilities concerning Members are to:

  • Make sure there are clear procedures for appointing Members and that these are communicated
  • Keep Members up to date with the work of York Archaeology
  • Enable them to participate in Annual General Meetings, including receiving the Annual Report and Accounts as well as appointing Trustees
  • Maintain an up to date membership list, and circulate it to Members
  • Invite Members to events as appropriate.

Members’ responsibilities are to:

  • Carry out the following functions at the AGM: receive the Annual Report and Accounts, and raise any questions about them; consider York Archaeology’s plans, and raise any questions about them; appoint Trustees; appoint auditors 
  • Support the organisation and act in its best interests.
  • Be aware of and declare any potential conflicts of interest.
  • Keep informed and up to date about York Archaeology’s work and plans.
  • Use their influence responsibly and in the interests of the organisation
  • Recognise that decision-making lies with the board
  • If appropriate and possible, contribute in practical ways to the organisation’s work. This might include, for example, providing advice or assisting with fund-raising.

 Overall, the role of a Member is to:

  • Act as a critical friend
  • Be an advocate for the mission and work of York Archaeology
  • Offer practical support if appropriate.

How to express interest in becoming a Member

If you think you can support York Archaeology by being a Member, please get in touch with Ellen Roberts ([email protected]) in the first instance, outlining briefly the reasons for your interest. You will then have an informal conversation with someone from the Membership Committee which oversees the organisation’s membership arrangements. If there is mutual interest, and if you decide to pursue this further, you will then complete an application form, for consideration by the committee. 

Membership criteria

Applications to be a member will be reviewed against the following criteria.

A Member will be someone who:

  • Is supportive of York Archaeology’s aims
  • Has some familiarity with York Archaeology’s work
  • Has a background that is aligned to the work and purpose of the organisation
  • Has contacts or networks which are likely to be relevant to York Archaeology
  • Is prepared to support the organisation by attending events, or by talking about York Archaeology’s work in relevant forums.