Guest Blog: Ophelia and Vianne – Work Experience

Over the last week we have been doing work experience with the Marketing Team at YAT.  We have thoroughly enjoyed this experience, our favorites parts were learning about different marketing avenues and getting a better feel and idea for what working life environments are actually like.  Also, exploring all the attractions and getting to have a look around the archeological side of YAT such as Willow house where there is both Archeology on Prescription and the Training excavation.  This insight into archaeology has shown us how the discipline is still evolving for example Archaeology on Prescription is a new scheme that works with the NHS. Also, the training excavation gave us a small glimpse into an archeological dig and the type of evidence that can be found (pottery, animal bones) and what that can inform us about the history of the city of York.

Furthermore, we have found this experience invaluable as it gave us a glance into how businesses operate with different departments, like the archaeology and attractions within YAT. Shadowing the Marketing Team has also allowed us to better understand the subtleties in different types of media and the attention to detail needed in marketing, which has helped us to better understand the demands of the job. With this new understanding we are both considering a career in marketing as it is a constantly evolving due to the emergences of new media and consequently new ways of consuming information.