About Us

Founded in 1972 to help preserve 2,000 years of York’s history, York Archaeology is an independent educational charity. Over the last 50 years we have helped preserve the vast collection of the city’s archaeological deposits and heritage. Learn more about us, as well as our goals as a charity, below.

It is this core value of heritage that runs through all our work as an independent, educational charity. We are committed to investigating the past for the benefit of present communities as well as future generations. It is through demonstrating this critical value of heritage that we have been able to sustain our activities.

Heading into our 51st year, we carry out archaeological recording, excavation, research and conservation for clients and partners across the globe.

Since its inception, York Archaeology has taken part in over 870 excavations and 2400 watching briefs. We have uncovered amazing archaeological discoveries such as:

Growing from its head office in York, York Archaeology has expanded to three further offices in Glasgow, Sheffield and Nottingham. Across the charity we employ over 200 people alongside the vital contributions our 200 volunteers make.

Our Mission

Your Archaeology – Discover, Explore, Experience

York Archaeology has an ongoing commitment to community involvement, education and training, and the presentation of archaeological discoveries to the public through a number of innovative, accessible and dynamic ways including visitor attractions, lectures, publications and events.

Our Vision

“To pioneer new ways for people to enjoy and benefit from archaeology.”

Environmental Sustainability

Learn about our mission to improve our environmental sustainability across all our work. What our aims and objectives are as well as some of our recent achievements.